What is Mint ?

A place where coins, paper currency, special medals, etc., are produced under the government authority. Such mints have their own specific marks known as Mint Marks. The mint mark can be found right under the year, it was minted. Indian mints are located at the below mentioned places:
India Government Mint, Mumbai
This Mint was established in the year 1829 which is one of the oldest mints of the Country. It has got the capacity of minting coins, medals further, it is also takes care of refining of Gold and Silver and other metals.
India Government Mint, Mumbai - Diamond below date
India Government Mint, Kolkata
Originally different minting facilities were created in and around Kolkatta in the 18th Century. One of the mints was modernised in the year 1952 and it was known as Allipore Mint. Later-on Government of India, renamed it as India Government Mint, Kolkatta. This unit is also having all facilities of refining, minting coins and manufacture of medals and medallions.
India Government Mint, Kolkata - No mint mark
India Government Mint, Hyderabad
Originally started in the year 1903 in the Hyderabad city however, after modernisation, it was re-located to a place -Cheralapalli, near Hyderabad in the year 1997. This is the most modern minting unit in the country having refining facility as well as facility to mint coins, medals and medallion.
India Government Mint, Hyderabad - Split diamond below date
India Government Mint, Hyderabad - Dot in diamond
India Government Mint, Hyderabad - Star below date
India Government Mint, Noida
This Mint was established in the year 1988. The Minting facility at Noida takes care of the requirement of Coins. This is one of the modern mints in the Country.
India Government Mint, Noida - Round dot below date
Foreign Mint
Due to the increasing demand of coins, Indian government minted coins in foreign countries. They are Taegu Korea; Seoul Korea; Royal Mint Ottawa, Canada; Royal Mint London, UK; Birmingham, UK; Pretoria Mint, South Africa; Tower Mint, UK; Mexico City Mint; Slovakia Mint, Kremnca and Moscow Mint, Russia.