About Us

We have launched this website with primary objective to spread education about various coins of India post 1950 and help each numismatist, coin collectors, dealers and others to complete their collection. This site includes only circulated coins of Republic India. The information of each coin is gathered from various sources.

This is the only website which displays the images of all Indian Republic coins from 1950 to till date of each mint. The heart of this site is the images, which allows numismatist to see the existence of the coin. The coins issued between 1950-1956 are known as "Standard Coinage" whereas the coins thereafter to till date are known as "Decimal Coinage". Some special coins were minted in memory of special events or people and these are known as "Commemorative Coins". These coins have specific mint marks that could be broadly classified as below:

-         Mumbai Mint

-         Kolkata Mint

-         Hyderabad Mint

-         Noida Mint